Presented in Edmonton, May 29, 1999
Citadel Theatre (Zeidler Hall)

1999 "A.C.E." Award Winners by Category

Literary Arts

Kerri Sakamoto,
The Electrical Field, Knopf Canada

Best Film - Edmonton's Asian Canadian Film Festival - 1999

By This Parting,
Director: Mieko Ouchi, Producer: Mieko Ouchi, Mad Shadow Films, Inc.

President's Award - Asian Heritage Month

Wei Wong,
Edmonton AHM '99 Executive Director

Presenters: Bill Mah, The Edmonton Journal; Su-Ling Goh, A-Channel TV; Sunny Sidhu, A-Channel TV; Lynn Lau, The Edmonton Journal; Bernard Nguyen, Montreal Asian Heritage Month Co-founder & Radio Canada International (freelance)

Hosts: Mari Sasano & Kenda D. Gee, ACWW Society of Edmonton

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'99 A.C.E. Award Sponsors: Castlerock Research Corp., (780) 448-9619, and ACWW Edmonton.

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