Final Cut. 2022. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

Final Cut by Marty Chan

Willpower. 2022. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton


Memories of Old Macau: The Story of My Childhood. 2022. Author Amy Lau, Edmonton

Kylie the Magnificent. 2021. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

Kylie the Magnificent

Edmonton Public Library Asian Heritage Month Picks

Haunted Hospital. 2020. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

Bend It Like You: Personal Stories of Resiliency and Perseverance From People Just Like You. 2019. Author Nancy Ng, Edmonton

Bend It Like You

Kung Fu Master.  2019. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton.

Kung Fu Master cover

Metamorphosis.  2019. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton.


Childhood Memories.  2018. Author Amy Chiu, Edmonton.

Amy Chiu Childhood memories in Macau

Homes: A Refugee Story. 2018. Author Winnie Yeung and Abu Bakr al Rabeeah, Edmonton.


In My World. 2017. Author Jillian Ma, graduate of Edmonton’s Chinese Bilingual Program

Jillian Ma book In My World 2016

Paper Teeth. 2016. Author Lauralyn Chow, Edmonton

Homes. 2016. Author Winnie Canuel, Edmonton

Homes by Winnie (Yeung) Canuel June 2016

Fire and Glass: Keepers of the Vault.  2015. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

Keepers of the Vault Marty Chan 2015

Infinity Coil: The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles. 2014. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

Infintiy Coil

Painted Faces on the Prairies: Cantonese Opera and the Edmonton Chinese Community. 2014. University of Alberta Libraries. Curated by Helen Kwan Yee Cheung, Edmonton

Painted Faces 2014

Edmonton Chinatown 100: Past, Present and Future. 2013. Chinese Benevolent Association of Edmonton in partnership with the Edmonton Chinese Community

Edmonton Chinatown 100

The Remarkable Chester Ronning: Proud Son of China. 2013. Author Brian L. Evans, Edmonton

Chester Ronning COVER2

Demon Gate: The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles. 2013. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton


The Bone Eater: Barbabas Bigfoot. 2013. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton


Pursuing China: Memoir of a Beaver Liaison Officer. 2012. Author Brian L. Evans, Edmonton

Pursuing China

No, Really, Where Are You From? Personal Stories of Chinese Identity Retention and Loss. 2012. Author Nancy Ng, Edmonton

Nancy Ng No Really Where Are You From

A Hairy Tangle: Barnabas Bigfoot. 2012. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

Hairy Tangle

A Close Shave: Barnabas Bigfoot. 2011. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

A Close Shave

The Other Side of Gold Mountain: Glimpses of Chinese Pioneer Life on the Prairies. 2010. Exhibit Curator Brian L. Evans, Edmonton

Other Side of Gold Mountain

The Forbidden Phoenix. 2010. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

Forbidden Phoenix

The Mystery of the Cyber Bully. 2010. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton


True Story. 2009. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

true story

The Mystery of the Mad Science Teacher. 2008. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

Mad Science Teacher

The Red Priest: Eight Ways to Say Goodbye. 2003. Author Mieko Ouchi, Edmonton

Red Priest

Talk To The World: Edmonton’s Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Program – The First 25 Years. 2007. Edmonton Chinese Bilingual Education Association

Talk to the World Edmonton's Chinese Bilingual Program The First 25 Years

The Mystery of the Graffiti Ghoul. 2006. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

Graffiti Ghoul

The Mystery of the Frozen Brains. 2004. Author Marty Chan, Edmonton

Mystery of the Frozen Brains

Millennium Messages: An Anthology of New Asian Canadian Expressions. 1997. Edited by Kenda D. Gee with Wei Wong, Edmonton

Millennium Messages